The Effect Of Wind Power On The United States Essays

The Effect Of Wind Power On The United States Essays

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In this paper, I will write about the history and present use of wind power and the pros and cons of using wind power as an energy source in Vermont.
Wind power was important in other parts of the world and the United States before it became a factor in Vermont:
"For centuries, the power of the wind has been harnessed for the benefit of humanity and commerce. In the United States, mechanical wind systems pumped water and helped open the Great Plains to human settlement and agricultural production during the 1800s." (Introduction). In the early 20th century, “wind chargers” brought lights and communication technology to rural American households and businesses. Wind energy provided electricity to rural markets prior to the development of federal hydropower dams, the associated interstate transmission system, and the Rural Electrification Administration. (Introduction).
Wind Power also has an important history in Vermont. In 1941, the first wind turbine was built in Grandpa 's Knob in Castleton. In 1941 the Smith-Putnam wind turbine, the world 's first megawatt-size wind turbine, was connected to the local electrical distribution system on Grandpa 's Knob. The 1.25 MW turbine operated for 1100 hours before a blade failed at a known weak point, which had not been reinforced due to wartime material shortages. It was the largest wind turbine ever built until 1979.
Today, there are four wind farms operating in Vermont, the Georgia Mountain Wind Farm, Kingdom Community, Searsburg, and Sheffield.
Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom has bee...

... middle of paper ...

...ted Scott and Melodie McLane who own 15 acres on the north side of Georgia Mountain. While the noise was not constant, according to Melodie McLane, "At 2 o 'clock in the morning it 's like a jet 's going overhead and never leaving sound or a rumble, rumble like a train is coming up over the mountain.”

Proponents counter that with careful siting the sound generated by the towers can be minimized so that nearby residents should be less affected and in some cases not disturbed at all.
All in all, in my view the “pros” outweigh the “cons.” Wind Power is now meeting the needs of thousands of Vermont households. It is a renewable energy source that can help replace energy from fossil fuels, in a world where our health–even our survival–depends on making technology work for the common good.

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