Essay on The Effect Of Water On Earth 's Water

Essay on The Effect Of Water On Earth 's Water

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Scientists believe the Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago, while the Earth’s water has been present for 3.8 billion years (Bethea, 2011). Water is known as H2O, meaning each water molecule consists of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom (Bethea, 2011). Water molecules are in a constant state of movement and are present as a “solid, liquid, and gas” (Bethea, 2011, p. 18). Water in all forms is continually moving and recycling through the processes of the water cycle (or hydrologic cycle); evaporating from the oceans, water bodies, and plant vegetation into the atmosphere, then condensing before falling as precipitation to the land and back into the oceans (Rickard, Spenceley, & Linstead, 2011) (See Figure 1.4). Globally, evaporation is almost equal to precipitation and this means the amount of water on Earth is fixed (National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], n.d.).
Evaporation, Transpiration and Sublimation
The Sun is the powerhouse of the Earth’s water cycle. During the daylight hours the energy from the Sun heats the air and the surface of the ocean (Bethea, 2011). The energy from the Sun breaks the bonds of the water molecules, which results in liquid molecules of water evaporating from the oceans and water bodies and rising into the atmosphere as a gas known as water vapour (Graham, Parkinson, & Chahine, 2010). The water vapour molecules in the atmosphere are pure water, because salt and other particles remain behind (NASA, n.d.). NASA (as cited in Bethea, 2011) estimates almost 90% of water vapour in the atmosphere comes from the oceans and water bodies.
The remaining 10% of water vapour in the atmosphere is the result of transpiration by
plant vegetation (Graham et al., 2010). Transpiration occurs as plants take in ...

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