The Effect Of The Internet On Advertising Essay

The Effect Of The Internet On Advertising Essay

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The field of advertising has seen many changes over time, but the most compelling change comes from the Internet. The Internet has allowed advertisers to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and to become economical. Companies are able to advertise for substantially less capitol than traditionally done with radio, magazines, and television. Regardless if the change is favorable or adverse for advertisers, the effects of the internet on advertising can not be denied.

Traditional ways of advertising such as fliers, newspapers, mail, and television, radio, all pale in comparison to what the internet has been able to do in advertising. With the ability of the internet to reach the masses, this technology makes a perfect platform for advertisers. Millions of homes can now be reached without the cost it would have been in the past. One of the advantages of the Internet is planned advertising vs. unplanned advertising. In terms of deliberate advertisement put out by advertisers versus advertising that comes unplanned and not put out by the advertisers. With the ability to yield the same r...

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