The Effect Of The Industrial Revolution On The 19th Century And All Of France

The Effect Of The Industrial Revolution On The 19th Century And All Of France

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a famous Impressionist painter, once said that a “…work of art must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself, and carry you away…”(Kleiner). It 's the late 19th century and all of France is stirring due to the chaotic transformations caused by the Industrial Revolution (Kleiner). France became the central place for radical thinking and innovation of not only machinery, but also of thought and creation. The atmosphere of art and the culture shifted away from religion during the revolution and focused on science and personal thought, almost a glance back at humanism. This shift in focus supported new ideologies, such as Marxism and Darwinism, and encouraged the new painting style called Impressionism.
The impact of the industrial revolution affected not only the way things were done, but how people spent their time. The switch from working from sunrise to sunset to set work hours allowed people to regiment their schedules and fit in their favorite pastimes (Kleiner). The idea of having hobbies was rare because of the increasing oppression that the people were under. The reigning parliament implemented strict taxes on the people to help pay for the wars that France had gotten themselves into (Nortons 898) putting pressure on the people. The increase in jobs offered motivated people to move in from the countryside, starting a movement called urbanization, which ended up forming smaller “cities” or towns throughout France. These concentrated groups of people nurtured the diverse thinking and cultivation of the arts.
In 1843, Karl Marx and other intellectuals came from Germany to France looking to combine their German philosophy with French socialism (McLellan). Karl believed that rational thought and ideas rul...

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..., that only she can activate the movement and stage (Brettell). This concept translates to how the lower classes are the dancers and they must conquer the stage, the oppression or government. Degas 's work focus 's on his interpretation of the dance and of the strain that goes into being a dancer, to him it was all about the balance and technique, of painting, dancing and society.
So overall it seems that the artist of the late 19th century picked up on the tones and moods labeled by Marx and Darwin. From Monet to Degas, artists focused on making art for the sake of art, while being true to what was happening in the world around them and being true to themselves. This shift, that at first almost seemed like Humanism, isn 't about the idolization of the humans, but instead the appreciation and respect for the oppressed and the mistreated in France late 19th century.

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