The Effect of the Holocaust on the Children of the Survivors Essay

The Effect of the Holocaust on the Children of the Survivors Essay

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In the years after the Holocaust the survivors from the concentration camps tried to cope with the horrors of the camps and what they went through and their children tried to understand not only what happened to their parents. In the story of Maus, these horrors are written down by the son of a Holocaust survivor, Vladek. Maus is not only a story of the horrors of the concentration camps, but of a son, Artie, working through his issues with his father, Vladek. These issues are shown from beginning to end and in many instances show the complexity of the father-son relationship that was affected from the Holocaust. Maus not only shows these matters of contentions, but that the Holocaust survivors constantly put their children’s experiences to unreasonable standards of the parent’s Holocaust experiences.
In the story if Maus, written by Art Spiegelman, is not only a story about a father’s story of his life in the Holocaust, but one of a father who has horrific problems relating to his son. These issues are shown from beginning to end and in many instances show the complexity of the...

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