The Effect of the Ethiopian Famine Essay

The Effect of the Ethiopian Famine Essay

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Worldwide, 870 million people — about one in eight— are hungry. That is nearly three times the population of the United States. It is hard to imagine in the modern world that a country cannot feed its people, but in 1984, the Ethiopian Famine took over one million lives. There were many causes that contributed to the complications faced in Ethiopia. These problems received major attention in the global Community. The famine drastically changed people’s lives because of the lack of food and resources and affected Ethiopia to our present day.
There were many factors that led to the major catastrophe of famine in Ethiopia in 1984. One of the main contributors was the substandard harvest caused by a devastating lack of rain. In 1983, Tigray and Eritrea suffered from appalling droughts. These droughts later moved into other parts of the country, hitting the eastern and northern regions the worst. The
harvest produced more than one million tons less of grain than needed, which amounted to approximately 6 million tons of grains (Flashback 1984: Portrait of a famine). During the low accumulation of grain the “Ethiopian government warned that five million people were at risk of starvation” (Flashback 1984: Portrait of a famine). Malnourishment was not the only issue the deficient harvest brought. It also led to a huge increase in poverty. 75% of the population depended on farming as an occupation (The Ethiopian Crisis). When agriculturalists lost their emolument from a regular intake of grain, they were forced to “sell off their livestock and, in some cases, materials that were used to build their homes” (Mesele Adhena).

The Ethiopian government of that time played a huge role in creating the largest scarcity of food in Ethiopia’s hi...

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