The Effect Of Testosterone Levels On Females And Males Essay

The Effect Of Testosterone Levels On Females And Males Essay

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The topic and goal of this study is to describe how changes in testosterone levels are related to females and males who win or lose in a competition. Testosterone is a hormone mainly produced in males but can be produced in females as well. It has been known that there is a relationship between hormone level and behavior. Hormone levels vary depending on the person and what they are doing at the time. Testosterone is known to affect a male’s mental and physical ability and could led to aggression when there is a large variation in levels (Smith, K. M., & Apicella, C. L. 20160). Changes in testosterone levels is present in individuals who are in competition with others, it is shown that individuals who win have an increasing amount of testosterone and individuals who lose have a decrease in levels of testosterone (Oliveira, T., Gouveia, M. J., & Oliveira, R. F. 2009).
The hypothesis that is being tested in this study is there is a positive correlation between the male and female individuals and the high levels of testosterone after winning a game. The question that will be answered throughout this study is, “Do individuals that win in a competition have high levels of testosterone?” The aim of this research study is to identify if there is a positive correlation between winning and testosterone levels in male and females. This research topic is important because, if it proven that there is a positive correlation between testosterone levels and winning it could introduce individuals to the positive long term effects of winning mentally and physically.
To test the hypothesis for this study the subjects were 19 males and 19 females who were enrolled the Physiology course at the University of Oklahoma State who...

... middle of paper ...

...hat the testosterone levels were lower in the second sample, after the game was played. The results also showed that the result of the game did not affect the levels of testosterone for the males and females. The results of the present study could be because of small sample size, or also could be from how familiar the students were with the game of operation before attending the lab. If the students have played the game before this could led them to perform better and feel better about how they did which could also led to higher levels testosterone. The results could also be from the students only competing against one another in a board game rather than a sporting event. If the competition was more physical and intense the results could have been what we were expecting and could have led to difference in levels of testosterone depending on the results of the game.

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