Essay about The Effect of Technology on Organizations

Essay about The Effect of Technology on Organizations

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The Effect of Technology on Organizations

Staying abreast to technology changes had been a primary focus of my job up until this past Monday. For nearly seven years I worked for a retailer selling Verizon Wireless phones and service plans. This past Monday, I made a career change and began working as a Home Mortgage Consultant for Wells Fargo. The focus of this paper will be on my experiences while working as a manager for Verizon Wireless.
In August of 1999, I started my career with a company called Bell Atlantic that shortly thereafter became Verizon Wireless. At that time, Bell Atlantic was offering cellular service to customers utilizing two different types of networks. The first was analogue; the second was dual mode (analogue and digital). The latter was a relatively new technology that was designed to offer the customer more security and privacy while using their phone. It also required a less "powerful" phone, thereby increasing battery time and decreasing the amount of radio frequency energy and exposure. This change was brought on in part by new guidelines issued by the FCC in 1996.
The FCC established limits to ensure cellular phones were regulated and have to meet specific requirements before they may be released for public sale. One such limit is the SAR limit. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. As described by Verizon Wireless on their website, "SAR is a measure of the rate of absorption of RF energy in the body. Tests for SAR are conducted with the phone transmitting at its highest power level in all tested frequency bands. Since 1996, the FCC has required that the SAR of handheld wireless phones not exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram, averaged over one gram of tissue. Although the SAR is determi...

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.... Other optional profiles support connecting to printers and keyboards, for example. Bluetooth is named for the 10th century Viking King Harald Bluetooth, a Danish king who conquered Norway."
Technology is constantly changing and evolving to suite the needs and wants of consumers. While some feel these changes have a negative impact on society and add to already high stress levels, others feel these technologies reduce stress and provide excellent communication and organizational tools. This is what makes wireless technology a double-edged sword. The ability to communicate works both ways and many people are beginning to realize that the convenience of always being able to reach others comes with the burden of always being able to be reached. It's impossible to say what new technology will bring to the wireless world, but one can't help but wonder what's to come.

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