The Effect of Technology On Humanity Essay

The Effect of Technology On Humanity Essay

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Imagine a world without cell phones, personal computers, MP3 players, cars, and television. Life without those pieces of technology would be drastically different. In the past century, the world has seen an unprecedented number of technological advancements. However, these advancements are often taken for granted. Most people do not realize the complexity of the processes that occur when they use technologies like the Internet or computers. Nevertheless, are the devices that people use in their day-to-day lives essential? Is technology helping or hurting society? Overall, technology is helping society because it improves the quality of life and it provides independence for physically disabled people.
Advancements in biomedical technology allow people to live longer and healthier. Many people in need of an organ transplant are put on a lengthy waiting list. Some people actually die waiting for an organ transplant. However, the trouble does not end there. After finally receiving a transplanted organ, they may have medical complications including rejection of the foreign organ. Scientists are currently developing customized organs that would eliminate both of the aforementioned problems. The chance of rejection is nonexistent because the lab-created organ contains cells from a patient’s own body (Replacing Body Parts). Furthermore, people would no longer have to wait in a queue for an organ because it only requires some of their own cells. These personalized organs would eventually lead to increased life spans for many.
Studies conducted on the life expectancies of various countries have shown linear growth. Some scientists believe that there is no fixed limit to human life spans. Dr. Vaupel, the director of the laboratory of su...

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