Effect Of Teacher Characteristics On Student Achievement Essay

Effect Of Teacher Characteristics On Student Achievement Essay

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I began constructing Table 1 in Memo 2, and now I am adding a third column to distinguish the teacher characteristics the researching is demonstrating to have positive effects on student achievement.

My new table focuses on controllable factors (One reference called these “policy amenable”), which is becoming my focus as a result of my readings and Dr. Quick’s advice to me to zoom in on leadership: “It’s important to incorporate leadership somehow. In other words, how can you get at the leadership role in successfully attracting and retaining a highly effective teaching staff? What are the leaders’ roles in districts that are outliers?”

I updated the table I created for Memo 1 to include the effects of teacher characteristics on student achievement (see Table 1). The Guarino et al. (2006) affirms these characteristics: attrition is higher for younger teachers (U curve) (p. 185), males leave teaching less often than females (p. 186), White teachers leave at higher rates than minority teachers (p. 186), those whose own test results (ex: ACT) are higher tend to leave at higher rates (p. 186-187), as were secondary teachers, especially science and, to a lesser extent, math teachers (p. 187).

Table 1

A comparison of teachers who are more likely to be hired with those most likely to migrate or leave teaching

Teacher Characteristic
From Boyd et al. (2010) More likely to be hired Positive impact on student achievement More likely to migrate or leave Impac
More competitive college X X
Higher certification exam score X X
More teacher experience X X
Higher teacher effectiveness X X
Teacher race and ethnicity: Black and Hispanic teachers X
Alternative pathway to teaching X X

6. Distinguish what has been written ab...

... middle of paper ...

... again.

b. Your critique/connections (metacognition – capture what you are thinking.

I must continue to think about the connection between characteristics of quality teachers and retention strategies school leaders employ with the focus on what school leaders can control. For example, once hired, a school leader cannot control whether a teacher graduated from a competitive college, but knowing that these are teachers more likely to leave, what efforts can the leader take to increase the likelihood this teacher will stay?

Continue to think about my theoretical framework. Can push/pull factors be integrated to socio-cultural organization?

Social capital = “the pattern of interactions among teachers and administrators focused on student learning (Alliance for Excellent Education, p. 4)

Theoretical framework:
Sociocultural: Barnatt et al. (2012)
Pfau (2016)

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