Essay on The Effect of Stress on Teenagers

Essay on The Effect of Stress on Teenagers

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In a recent survey every teen involved said they feel stress coming from some area of their life. Stress on a teen’s life can come from many different places and lead to serious, damaging effects. The effects of stress on teenagers can bring serious long term effects from school, work and family but there are many ways to help teens deal with stress.
For 16 year old Abby dealing with school, work, and her home life is not as easy going as it is for others. She lives in a household with her dad who is a single parent and her two younger brothers. She takes care of her younger brothers most of the time while her dad works the night shift. On a daily basis Abby experiences many different things that make her feel stressed. Abby’s alarm goes off at 5:45 she struggles to drag herself out of bed still exhausted from the responsibilities of yesterday. She hops in the shower and gets herself ready for the day. She then wakes up her two younger brothers, while they are getting ready she cooks them eggs and toast for breakfast and packs their lunches. She gets them out the door and takes them to school. Once she gets to school she starts to feel more pressure. As each class goes on and she finds out her homework for the night her stress starts to build. She thinks about how she is going to get it all done before she goes to work knowing that she has to take care of her brothers. She tries to make lots of friends but she finds herself much more mature than most of the other kids. After school she picks up her brothers and takes them home. She begins her homework but is constantly interrupted by her brothers fighting. At about 4:30 she prepares dinner, doing a little bit of homework every free second she might have. She sits the boys down for...

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...come healthier than kids who do not (Africa News Service). If you are a parent of a kid that gets stressed easily, slow everything down. Take your time while doing things. “You may have become used to rushing around, but your child needs more time to adjust to changes and to take things at his own pace.” (Petty) another way for parents to help their stressed children is to let them know that they are doing a good job. Parents should show their children that they are proud and assure their confidence. Always give them your affection and give simple advice that is the best way. (Petty) Remember that everyone gets stressed.
Stress on teens from very different areas of their lives have major effects. We can help teens by using the strategies voiced in this paper. Teens will continue to struggle with stress but with the help of others we can make them feel less alone.

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