The Effect Of Stress And Stress On College Students Essay

The Effect Of Stress And Stress On College Students Essay

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Introduce topic
Stress is an every-day issue that humans experience one way or another. Stress can have motivating factors, but in other cases, will cause negative effects such as impairment of memory. Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life when it is occasional and temporary, but when frequent, it can become pathological or a disorder as it begins to interfere with daily life such as work, school, and relationships (Mah et al, 2015). With an abundance of stress one can routinely become unease, worried, or nervous about an event that has an uncertain outcome.
This study will aim to determine the relationship between memory and stress while using a real-world implication of test anxiety in college students.

What is test anxiety?
Test anxiety is a feeling of agitation or distress that can be a physical or mental response. Some describe it as feeling ‘butterflies in your stomach,’ headache, or sweaty palms before or during an exam (Academic Skills Center, 2016). Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety. In situations that are high in pressure and expectation, people can become so anxious that they are not able to reach their full potential (Cherry, 2016).

Different people experience test anxiety differently, as the severity varies, but it can cause a range of physiological (rapid heartbeat, knot in stomach, headache, sweating), behavioral (indecisiveness, mind going blank, lack of organization) or psychological effects (nervousness, restlessness, continual doubt) (Academic Skills Center, 2016).

While the amygdala responds to the exaggerated threat, the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and hippocampus are impaired. The hippocampus plays an important role in memory formation and regulates emotions; therefore its functions can ...

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...ore, high-anxious participants may exert extra effort or need more time to complete tasks. It is possible that if the high-anxious participants were given more time to complete tests, it could have improved their scores (Owens et al., 2014).
(say something about accommodations)

→learning under stress:
Schwabe and Wolf’s research examined the impact of learning under stress in men and women and found that learning under stress reduced both free recall and performance. The cold pressure test (SECPT) was used to induce stress and submersing their hand into warm water was used as a control condition. Memory formation and retention was tested by having the stressed and control participants hear words and asked to recall the words 24 hours later. Schwabe and Wolf findings proved that learning under stress could impair effects of learning in humans (Schwabe & Wolf 2010).

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