Essay about The Effect Of Spatial Ability On Math / Science Related Fields

Essay about The Effect Of Spatial Ability On Math / Science Related Fields

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The spatial ability is something that everyone has, and it allows the individual to comprehend certain relationships about objects. Spatial ability has many forms that it could be viewed from, it could be determined from verbal, reasoning, and cognitive skills. It also allows the individual to look at objects differently, and create new viewpoints of that object. Spatial ability develops at an early age and is thought to decrease as the individual ages. There are games that allow the development of Spatial ability to develop such as building blocks, Lego’s, puzzles and etc. This notion ties into why there is a gender differences in mathematical based fields.
Literature Review
To prove that their a decrease of women in math/science related fields, studies show that males excelled in certain spatial abilities more than males. Researchers Wai, Lubinski, and Benbow (2009) have demonstrated through their findings that males also exhibited great performance in the ability to rotate figures in “three-dimensional space” (Wai, Lubinski and Benbow 2009). This development probably occurred at the premature ages when kids tended to play with toys. Certain toys could enhance the individual 's spatial ability to a certain degree that could allow them to think in different perspectives. Baenninger, Newcombe, and Terlecki found out that playing with Lego 's, blocks and puzzles tended to boost both the genders spatial ability but not to the standards of males. The toys that kids tended to play at an early age could be a deciding
factor that explains the difference in gender related math professions, but this does not conclude
that theory yet.
Another factor that was mentioned in the prompt “Sex Discrimination”. Mostly half of
the studies sho...

... middle of paper ...

...rease of women within the field. This demonstrates that women have decided not to go into the mathematics profession due to the interests and life actions. Since it was experimented around 2009 the data should correspond well with the present.
In conclusion, I would give my response to both the individual’s as a “sex difference” which is as one of them stated as well as an interest towards the field. Gender discrimination still exists within society, but only slightly, it just depends on the person hiring itself. Even though females and males have a spatial ability that determines intelligence, males have a slightly more gap than females, even though they could both play the same the activity as a child. Whether women choose to be in the profession or not is entirely up to them, but overall it depends on the spatial ability as well as their interest within the field.

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