The Effect Of Social Media On Brand Attitude And Purchase Intention Essay examples

The Effect Of Social Media On Brand Attitude And Purchase Intention Essay examples

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1. Abzari, M., Ghassemi, R. A., & Vosta, L. N. (2014). Analyzing the effect of social media on brand attitude and purchase intention: The case of Iran Khodro company. Procedia - Social and Behavior Sciences, 143, 822-826.

This paper focus on the effect of social media advertising on brand attitude and consumer purchase intention. Further, the influence of traditional advertising on brand attitude would be investigated as well to compare with the effect of social media advertising. A survey is developed and distributed to the customers of Iran Khodro company in Tehran, Iran. A convince-sampling approach is used to collect data and AMOS software is used to analyze the data. Result shows that improvement of product and services need to be focused on because satisfied customers will disseminate positive word of mouth in social media and in return, will influence customers’ decision to purchase company products.

2. Alhaddad, A. A. (2015). The effect of advertising awareness on brand equity in social media. International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, 5(2), 73-84.

The author argues the importance for business to build brand equity by increasing brand awareness and improving brand image on social media. This study focus on how to create brand equity when businesses are using social media and explore the challenges to increase brand awareness and brand image on social media networks. The study designs a research framework to test the hypothesized relationships of Keller’s model of brand equity and Aaker’s five dimensions of brand loyalty. For the purpose, the mobile market in Syria was targeted; the target population of interest was defined as the students of a local university. The research results ...

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...ising and social media would change customers ' attitude towards the company’s brand name. However, the impact of traditional advertising was less than social media. Further, brand attitude can lead to intention to purchase of firm products.

10. Gordon, M. E., & Lima-Turner, K. D. (1997). Consumer attitudes towards internet advertising: A social contract perspective. International Marketing Review, 14(5), 362–375.

This study addresses the current use of social media advertising and how research can be designed to know what more social media could do. The study proposes a conceptual framework, consisting three relevant theoretical foundation applicable for any type of social media-networking capacity, image transferability, and personal extensibility. The paper concludes the three factors provides opportunity for advertisers to reach their audience more effectively.

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