The Effect of Self-Esteem and Stereotype on Task Performance Essay examples

The Effect of Self-Esteem and Stereotype on Task Performance Essay examples

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There have been many studies done on task performance that have indicated that many factors can affect task performance. In this study, we are going to focus on how self-esteem and stereotype threat affect task performance. This topic is very important to study because it will help us understand about how our performance is affected by self-esteem and stereotype threat. At some point in our lives our performance is been measured, in daily activities as job, school and in sport. When one measures task performance, people should be aware if other thing affects their performance. There is not a lot of information about self-esteem and task performance. However, there is a possibility that self-esteem and performance are related but there is a big gap in the literature. Not a lot of studies have been done where self-esteem affect task performance. Many studies support the notion that self-esteem affects the way people construe their actions. Individuals with greater levels of self-esteem build on personal strengths to succeed. On the other hand, individuals with low self-esteem focus on their flaws in order to be accepted.
There have been many studies conducted about stereotype threat. Does stereotype threat affect task performance? Steel and Aronson (1995), proposed that negative stereotypes about a minority group interfere with the groups performance. The reason is because the minority groups are afraid of confirming the stereotype and that this affects their performance. Theory states that stereotype threat can lead to negative thinking, which in turn would lead to a decrease in their performance “The studies established the existence of stereotype threat and provided evidence that stereotypes suggesting poor performance, wh...

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