Effect Of Professional Organizations On Advanced Nursing Practice Essay

Effect Of Professional Organizations On Advanced Nursing Practice Essay

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Effect of Professional Organizations on Advanced Nursing Practice
Nursing practice is driven by regulations that are implemented by professional organizations that seek to improve nursing practice. There are multiple organizations which help to improve practice. Each organization has a different mission, leading to different influences on the nursing profession. This paper will focus on three organizations called: Florida Nurse Practice Act, Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP) and Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (NPHF). The purpose of this paper is to discuss similarities and differences among three professional nursing organizations as well as, explain the influences the organizations have on Florida advanced nursing practice.
These organizations were designed to accomplish different missions however there are some connections in the missions. The Florida Nurse Practice Act has a mission to ensure nurses are practicing safely by meeting the minimum nursing requirements for practice (“Florida Statues,” 2016). In addition, the FLANP organizations supports the nurse practice mission because policies are only created “in the public interest…for all Floridians” (“Platform and Policies,” 2016). Furthermore, the NPHF supports the Florida Nurse Practice Act and the FLANP since this organization focuses on improving the health of the public through evidence based practice research (“Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation,” 2016). In general, the Florida Nurse Practice Act, FLNPA and NPHF are interested in promoting safe practice for the interest of the community.

Although the Florida Nurse Practice Act, FLNPA and NPHF organizations aim to promote safe practice the organizations a...

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...be leaders by improving health care through evidence based health practices (2016). The FLNPA establishes guidelines for nurse practitioners to practice. All three organizations focus on nurse practitioners being leaders of change. Overall, I believe the goal of these organizations is for nurse practitioners to be leaders by practicing in the best interest of the patient supported with research evidence.
In conclusion, although nursing organizations focus on different missions, the overall goal is aimed to improve the advance nursing practice. The organizations analyze various ways for advance nurses to practice and determine the proposed best practice evidence prior to legislator reviewing a practice to be implemented. In summary, nurse practitioner are leaders who practice within their scope of practice which is supported by best evidence practice.

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