The Effect Of Power Situation On British North America During The 17th Century

The Effect Of Power Situation On British North America During The 17th Century

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In this essay I will be analyzing the balance of power situation in British North America during the 17th century. Britain’s greed for more land and resources provoked the smaller states to form a coalition and reestablish the balance of power equilibrium that ultimately cost Great Britain their American colonies. North America at the time was occupied by both British and French colonies as well as natives. A war broke out between the British and the French which became known as the Seven Years War .The war took place in Europe, the West Indies, as well as India However I will focus upon the power struggle within the American theatre of said war which became known as the French and Indian War. Followed by a discussion of the balance of power struggle that later resulted in the American Revolution.. The region is characterized by the balance of power theory where large states provoke counter-balancing coalitions of smaller states. This is due to the fact that there is inexistence a balance of power equilibrium. When a disturbance is detected within the balance of power equilibrium, forces will band together to correct it.

The power struggle in North American in the 17th century was between 4 main players, the British, the British colonies (now America), the French and the Indians. The North American phase of the Seven Years war (French and Indian War) can be traced back to the “scramble for land in the Ohio valley” (Draper, 3). Both the French and British claimed the same territory and were determined to keep one another from claiming it through settlement (Draper,3). A war erupted after the French successfully built Fort Duquesne (Draper, 4). The struggle for territory and power caused the French and natives to from a coalitio...

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...t Great Britain their American colonies. By attempting to take land in Canada as well as in Europe, the West Indies, and India, America created a disturbance in the balance of power equilibrium which caused coalitions to be formed to re-establish said equilibrium. More specific to North America, we saw the coalition of French and Indian soldiers during the French and Indian War, and later the English colonies with the French during the American Revolution. The burden of the Seven Years War had produced a balance of power epidemic as Britain’s colonies took on the majority of the of their mother countries debt. It was Britain’s inability to adequately negotiate that caused the colonies to once again correct the disturbance and re-establish the power of balance equilibrium between themselves and Britain, and thus fight for their sovereignty from their colonial masters.

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