Effect of Playing in a Child's Life

Effect of Playing in a Child's Life

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What effects does play have on a child’,s life? Does it give a big role to a child’,s life? Play benefits a child mentally, emotionally, and socially as it helps the child’,s development during the childhood stage.
A child develops mental skills through play by language, infants learn words through friends and hearing words spoken. They can use words to point out favorite toys and activities. They can also use words to express their feelings and emotions. The second one is the ability to learn shapes, infants and toddlers can be introduced with puzzle shapes and pictures for it will help them to identify all the things around them. And the third one is colors for a child can learn colors through coloring, picture books, puzzles, and paints, that adds up the creativeness and the artistic nature of a child.
A child develops emotional skills is first by means of having fun cause for a child to express happiness and pleasure in an activity is a start for a healthy life. There is a need for any child to express themselves with school or at home. They learn to play by themselves or with special people in their life. The second is playing with others. A child learns to play with friends, relatives, or parents to bond with other children their age. Third is expressing feelings. To express how they feel through sadness, anger through role-play.

And in terms of Developing Social Skills the first is taking Turns and Sharing. In this learning take turns with blocks or colors or by sharing toys at home or in school. Learning to share is a big step with little ones. The next one is cooperating, learning to cooperate by working with teachers and friends. Cooperating with parents at home.

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Cooperating with sisters and brothers. The last is Following Directions, learning how to put pieces of a puzzle together or by putting colors back where they go. Following directions can benefit children through school and at home.

As I concluded play can benefit them at home and at school throughout the years. Play is important for children of all abilities because it lays down the groundwork of their young life as it begins.
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