Essay on The Effect Of Periodic Table On The Field Of Chemistry

Essay on The Effect Of Periodic Table On The Field Of Chemistry

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The periodic table was the most important development in the field of chemistry. Do you agree?

The periodic table was the most important development in the field of chemistry and is the most important chemistry reference there is. The periodic table played a crucial part in the development in the field of chemistry as it allowed for a way of organising the elements so that it was possible to make predictions about both their chemical and physical properties based on the elements’ position in the table. The periodic table is grouped into many different divisions: Groups, Periods, Blocks, Metals, Metalloids and Non- Metals. It also allowed for many periodic trends to be identified. Because of the development of the periodic table, we are able to identify the electron configuration, the atomic radii and the ionisation energy, electronegativity and electron affinity as well as metallic character. Dmitri Mendeleev was the first person to fully develop a working periodic table which was very similar to the modern periodic table however many before him created a variety of different versions of the periodic table both before and after him.

One of the ways the periodic table is arranged is the arrangement of elements into groups. This is extremely useful as without these classification, we wouldn’t be able to identify similar trends in particular elements. A group is a vertical column in the periodic table and they are numbered from 1 to 18. It shows the number of electrons in the outer orbital. Elements in the same group usually tend to show patterns in the atomic radius, ionisation energy and electronegativity. The atomic radii of the elements increases from top to bottom in a group. Due to there being more filled energy levels, val...

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...erties based on the elements’ position in the table. Trends in the periodic table such as groups, periods, blocks, metals metalloids and non-metals as well as trends between each grouping method would be difficult and almost impossible to identify without the existence of the periodic table. Also, periodic trends such as electron configuration, atomic radii ionisation energy, electronegativity, electron affinity and metallic character would not be identified without the discovery of the periodic table. Although the periodic table has minor flaws such as different elements not fitting in to some trends and more important discoveries such as the atomic theory and the synthesis of Urea were important to the field of chemistry, the periodic table is the foundation or the building blocks for further discoveries and so its development is important to the field of chemistry.

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