The Effect Of Nora Helmer 's Secrets And Guilt Essay

The Effect Of Nora Helmer 's Secrets And Guilt Essay

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How the Effects of Nora Helmer’s Secrets and Guilt Create a Statement Concerning Women’s Role in Society in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House
Henrik Ibsen’s play entitled A Doll House focuses on the secrets and deceit of a Victorian era housewife named Nora. Nora is originally portrayed as naïve and foolish, but the true depth of her character and the duplicity against her husband is revealed when she confides in a friend at the start of the play. Nora has broken the law, politically and socially, by going behind her husband’s back and receiving a loan to pay for his medical bills. Ibsen made sure to emphasize that Nora’s actions were totally and completely against the social norm of late 1800’s Norway; men were expected to take out necessary loans, not women. Nora spends the entirety of the play fretting around anxiously waiting for her husband to hear the news of her betrayal. By the end of the play, Nora is so consumed with guilt that she reaches a breaking point and reflects on the futility of trying to preserve her marriage. A Doll House ends controversially and unequivocally with Nora’s abandonment of her husband and children. In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House secrets and intense shame attributed to the main character Nora influence her actions and create a social statement about the role of women and their place in society.
Ibsen uses stage directions to highlight Nora’s shame and anxiety frequently throughout the play. Act one begins with Nora’s confession that she forged her dead father’s signature in order to get a medical loan without her husband’s knowledge. Her aura suggests Nora’s constant and crippling anxiety; she never seems to be able to quiet her troubled mind. Ibsen creates a striking division between Nora’s reality ...

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...y maintaining an air of realism in A Doll House, Ibsen creates a world that is relatable and meaningful to the audience.
Henrik Ibsen creates a social statement regarding women’s role in society through the characterization of Nora in his 1879 play entitled A Doll House. Nora goes behind her husband’s back and conspires with his enemy in order to receive a life-saving loan. The guilt and shame of futilely attempting to keep her actions secret causes Nora to reach a sort of individual revelation and take her life into her own hands. She abandons her family and her overbearing husband and does not appear to feel much remorse over her actions. Nora’s decision to discard society’s position for her is propelled by a desire to relinquish her feelings of regret and obligation. Ibsen uses Nora as a symbol of the changing attitudes of women at the end of the Victorian era.

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