Essay about The Effect Of Negligent Gun Laws

Essay about The Effect Of Negligent Gun Laws

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Aleksandar Dokmanović
Professor Lento
The Effect of Negligent Gun Laws in the United States
The United States of America has typically been known for its strong views on freedom. This liberty is one which is shared by all individuals living in this powerful nation and is a way of life which millions of unfortunate people around the world are deprived of. However, this notion of freedom is sometimes taken to an extreme and can result in despair for a handful of unfortunate citizens. The second amendment of the United States Constitution states that citizens have the right to bear arms; however this amendment is unclear as it does not specify any regulations behind this right. As a result of this, poor gun laws are allowing citizens to interpret the amendment themselves when buying or selling firearms. Consequently, thousands of Americans, mostly innocent, lose their lives to guns each year due to these unclear laws. Many components of these gun laws are disturbing and show just how easily an individual can cause immense tragedy on any community across this country. The key areas of concern in America’s gun laws are the lack of restrictions placed upon its citizens. Irregular background checks allow for any individual access to a gun. This combined with a wide range of firearms available to buyers, and a government who is more concerned with making money then protecting its people, creates a lethal cocktail which puts many of this country’s citizens at risk, whilst destroying any good reputation certain communities have.
Background checks are the component of gun laws which may be of most importance. They are in place to restrict those who are irresponsible or mentally handicapped from owning a firearm as they have t...

... middle of paper ...

...s into cities and expanding areas of lower socioeconomic class substantially. Due to these conditions, it is inevitable that we will see a future increase in gun violence and the total numbers of unregistered firearms rise. This environment will affect the future generations who are being raised in areas such as these, giving them a disadvantage over the rest of the population. As a result these negligent laws will continue to contradict the key value of democracy; providing for a society which is fair and safe to live in. In conclusion it is the responsibility of the American government to clarify the second amendment in order to put a stop to the absurdly high rate of gun crime which affects so many American people. This step is obligatory for the fundamentals of true democracy to prevail in America and to provide for a brighter future for the coming generations.

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