The Effect Of Music On Memory On A 21st Century Learning Environment Essay

The Effect Of Music On Memory On A 21st Century Learning Environment Essay

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A study was made in 2013 by Victoria Thompson and Nathan Mutic. It was about the effect of music on memory in a 21st century learning environment. The subjects were all juniors and seniors in high school in the Mid Western United States, ranging in age from 16 to 18. The subjects were given three memory tests with different sounds in the background. There were four different groups of participants. Silence was used as a control in all four groups. The other two tests were given the different genres of music: either classical or pop. A one-way parametric ANOVA was used to test for significance between with the correct word values and an unpaired t test was used to test for significance with the incorrect answers. Results of this study indicate the addition music has little effect on how participants with different personalities perform on basic memory recall tasks. This is contrary to what is seen in a number of previously published studies. The results from this study also indicate that when there is noise in the background in a learning environment, extroverts, on average, are able to perform a higher level than introverts. Both introverts and extroverts were modestly negatively affected as music was added. When segregated into male and female groups, it was apparent that when there is no sound and classical was playing, females were able to recall more correct words than males. When pop music was playing, females recalled fewer words than males. This work supports the notion that in an academic environment, listening to music can slightly hinder the performance of students on basic memory recall tasks. However, contrary to the results of previous studies, there is no drastic negative correlation between the presence of auditory...

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...arning difficult language such as Hungarian language, which is a difficult one to learn, that singing phrases rather than just saying them is much easier to remember. The researchers conceived that the melody may give impact in the memory.
Music can be a factor to help people who suffered traumatic brain injuries recover their memories. A recent study state that listening to number-one songs from their lifetimes to see what memories were evoked (Baird & Sampson, 2013).
According to another recent study, listening to music activates large areas of the brain such as auditory, motor and limbic (emotional) regions (Alluri et al., 2013). The study also found that any genres of music can activate a large portion of the brain; motor areas process the rhythm, auditory areas process the sound while the limbic regions are associated with the emotions (Alluri et al., 2013).

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