The Effect Of Mother 's Smoking Essay

The Effect Of Mother 's Smoking Essay

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The effect that mother’s smoking during their pregnancy can cause harm to the fetuses while develops inside he womb. According to many researches, there are a high numbers of women who smoke during pregnancy. Which makes it more interesting is that your socioeconomic, culture and age, plays a huge role on whether woman decides to smoke. What nicotine does to the baby, it lowers the amount of oxygen, increases the heart rate, increases the risk of miscarriage and birth defects. Some complications may be: babies born prematurely, too small which means their organs didn’t develop normally, increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and can also develop respiratory problems. The list of complications is long, and both the baby and mother can get affected. Whether the baby is getting secondhand or third-hand smoke or mother smokes during pregnancy, the effects are the same. Any type of smoke, can affect a baby’s life. The risk is huge, its not only the baby now you putting your life at a risk too.
Why smoking cigarettes are bad? The amount of chemicals that a single cigarette contains is crazy and really dangerous not only for babies but for everyone in general. According to the American Lung Association, there are approximately 600 ingredients in a cigarette. When burned it creates more than 7,000 chemicals that are poisonous and are also a cause of cancer. Imagine smoking cyanide, lead, acetone, methanol and bunch more of nasty compounds and all of those are now getting into your bloodstream and passing it to your baby as oxygen and nutrients. According to the smoking during pregnancy doubles the chances of a premature baby, which means the baby will born too early or will weight less than 5 ½ pounds at bir...

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...oking or being near someone that is smoking, this is just the residues left behind from a cigarette or any other substance. Unlike the second-hand smoke, the third-hand smoke can last for months without you even noticing it.
There are so many abnormalities that the smoke can cause to a baby. Whether is directly from a mom, or if is getting the smoke from second-hand or even the third-hand. The risk that a mother takes when she decides to smoke is inevitable. So many babies that not only suffered in the begging when they born, years later they have to face other complications due to this factor. In this article, give us the key points that can happen if people don’t take care of them selves. The effects are enormous and there is no way out. There are thousands of kids with so many disabilities that could get prevented by staying away from chemicals like nicotine.

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