The Effect Of Medication On Medication For Maximum Effectiveness Essay

The Effect Of Medication On Medication For Maximum Effectiveness Essay

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The role of any Pharmacist is to correctly dispense medication to patients and to monitor patients on medication for maximum effectiveness. These medications when taken correctly can lead to prospective outcomes for theses patients, but as seen by statistic published by the California Healthcare Foundation in 2001, medication errors in the United States account for more than 7000 deaths annually. In a more resent study published by the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, “Factors Contributing to the Identification and Prevention of Incorrect Drug Prescribing Errors in Outpatient Setting.”, they monitored for19 months from 2011 to 2012 at the ambulatory care pharmacies at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During this time 2073 prescribing errors were reported. This is an alarmingly high number of errors that affect a large amount of people all over the world and pharmacists are to blame. These errors lead to harmful and results or even death. It is the pharmacists’ responsibility to minimize the amount of medication errors that occur in any medical setting.
Medication errors can occur at many stages of the prescription to dispensing process. “Errors may occur in the storage, prescribing, transcription, preparation and dispensing, or administration and monitoring of medications” (Mansur, J.M 2016). The way the drugs are stored can lead to damage to the drugs or incorrect labeling can lead to errors. Doctors can send pharmacists the wrong prescription. The prescription sent to a pharmacist can be read incorrectly. The wrong drug can be pulled of the shelves of a pharmacy. The wrong dosage can be dispensed to a patient. A Pharmacist, as in retail pharmacy and home infusion, can admi...

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...visually check that the correct medication is dispensed. This study showed that the increasing use of technology is positively affecting the outcome of pharmacy management of medical errors. Depending less on visual checks may increase output and increase accuracy. These are the many roles of a pharmacist that help prevent medical errors.
In conclusion, minimizing the amount of errors in the pharmacy is one of the most important roles of a pharmacist. The health and livelihood of many patients depends on a pharmacist’s integrity and accuracy. Patient consultation and education with updated medication list are the most important ways to prevent medication errors in a many pharmacy setting. Also, verification through out the processes before dispensing can be benefited with technological help. These are vital techniques pharmacists use for maintaining patients’ safety.

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