Essay on The Effect Of Media On Reading Comprehension

Essay on The Effect Of Media On Reading Comprehension

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The number of students who study with media seems to be increasing steadily with time. It has been questioned whether media affects reading comprehension. Several studies have been completed by Hall (1952), and Lin, Lee, and Robertson (2011) that have touched on this topic if not other topics that are somewhat similar. Most of them have examined whether media as music or television affects one’s cognitive processes or performance on reading comprehension tasks, as well as other assignments such as homework.
Hall (1952) researched the relationship between reading comprehension and music, and if background music would potentially be beneficial in the classroom. The study was originally meant to study the rules of industrial music and how they might possibly apply to study hall conditions. Industrial music was described as the type of music an industry may use in its workplace, and was described in a way similar to elevator music. Eighth and ninth graders, as well as six study hall periods were used, and there were two different forms of the same reading comprehension test. The control group received Test A, Test B, or both without music. The experimental group took either Test A or Test B, while music that was chosen by the standards of the music industry was playing. Almost 58% of the experimental group experienced an increase in accuracy when background music was played. This study concluded that, under certain limitations, background music does help reading comprehension of eighth and ninth graders. (Hall, 1952)
Banbury, Macken, Tremblay, and Jones (2001) completed a review on how information is processed through a person’s eyes and how it can be interfered with by information also being processed through a person’s ears. The...

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... significant effect. (Lin, et al., 2011)
Due to the inconsistencies as well as the limitations in previous studies this study was created with the purpose of determining in what form and context does media significantly affect reading comprehension. The first hypothesis for this study was that the type of clip used would have a significant effect on accuracy as well as amount of time it takes to compete the reading comprehension assignment. The second hypothesis for this study was that the type of distraction would have a significant effect on accuracy as well as amount the time it takes to complete the reading comprehension assignment. The third hypothesis of this study was that there would be a significant interaction between the clip and the type of distraction used on the accuracy and the amount of time it took to complete the reading comprehension assignment.

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