Effect Of Legalizing The Sale Of Human Organs Essay

Effect Of Legalizing The Sale Of Human Organs Essay

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There is a shortage of human organs used for transplants that spans across the world. Most people may think that the shortage on effects foreign countries, but it is also a huge issue here in the United States. This shortage is caused by the lack of individuals that are actually donating their organs and also because the government officials have made it illegal to sale and purchase human organ. The selling of human organs is considered to be illegal in every country except Iran, and Iranians have solved their organ shortage by legalizing sales. ( Black, 1986) Even though the selling of organs are extremely illegal and by doing so this violates the 1984 U.S. law that banned the sales of human organs. (Dodge, 1994) Black market sales have only increased over time. The effects of legalizing the sale of human organs will assist in preventing black market crimes, ensures that everyone civil liberty is respected and reducing the number of people waiting on the transport list.
Although not every transaction that goes through the black market is exploitative, unfortunately most of them are. The most unpleasant part of the trade can be accredited to the fact that it is extremely illegal. After many have witnessed the horror stories of what goes on in the black market, they are asking the government to step up and crack down on violators. Unfortunately, by these sales through the black market being illegal it increases its profits, allows the market to be ran by organized crime, and prevents those who have been harmed by the black
market from being able to seek the normal routes of recourse. Black market trade does not seem to be going anywhere, why not implement a course of action that will assist in having a controlled trade. A contro...

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...by the black markets and by legalizing the sale of human organs. Brokers are searching for desperate people that will do anything to receive financial assistance in order to help take care of their family. The brokers would then buy their organ for one price and then find a desperate person that is need of an organ to live and sell it to them for double and sometimes triple the price they paid for it. This is where the poor is being taken advantage of and this needs to be stopped. The legalization of human sales will assist in helping regulate a system to monitor the black market. Also by ensuing that everyone civil liberty is upheld, by legalizing the human donor sales this helps to make sure that everyone is allowed to make their own choice about their body. It is very important for individuals to be able to choose what they can or cannot do with their bodies.

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