Effect Of Game Play On The Classroom Essay

Effect Of Game Play On The Classroom Essay

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Using games in the classroom is a hot button topic for many teachers. There are teachers who will stand up and proudly say they use games in their classes for various reasons, and there are those that vehemently oppose them, stating they are a waste of time and effort. We first need to decide on what gaming is. “Gaming refers to an interactive process with educational value that is a part of the teaching and learning environment. Games should add new value to the teaching and learning process, lead directly or indirectly to academic achievement, and have the potential to contribute measurable progress in reaching teaching and learning goals” (Burr, 2014). In other words, gaming could be seen as getting students motivated to want to learn. This can be done using a variety of methods. If this is the case, how can we possibly refuse to play games in school?
One of the main issues I found when conducting my research is the effect of game play in low socio-economic households. At one time all students had the means and ability to play games: dominos, jacks, etc. However, today the more popular methods of playing games involves a computer or game console. This means that our low socio-economic students are left out. Due to the fact that these students do not have access to advanced technology, games need to be brought into the classroom. There is a new study “published by a pair of scholars [that] concludes that exposing youngsters from low-income backgrounds to a simple board game that involves counting produced large and lasting games in their understand of numbers” (Cavanagh, 2008). A professor of cognitive psychology at Carnegie Mellon University said, “Young people learn a great deal about the world through play, and games are one ...

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...mes of any kind in the classroom. How do you manage everyone in the classroom at one time? How do you keep everyone engaged? How do you know if everyone’s participating? How can school afford them? And the list goes on. But for those students who do actively participate, playing the game could make all the difference in the world to them. Playing a game in a classroom may be the one thing that sparks a student’s passion to learn more about the subject being studied. Or the fear of looking like a fool in front of a class may motivate that one student to study a little harder so he does better on a test than he ever has. He may like that feeling so much he continues. Yes, there will be trials for the teacher to go through: anything from budget to logistics, but if playing games can get even one more student interested and involved, the questions becomes is it worth it?

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