The Effect of Frankenstein's Monster Essay

The Effect of Frankenstein's Monster Essay

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Countless situations created in life will always have some consequence, whether the outcome is a positive outcome or a negative outcome. During the novel, Frankenstein, there are many incidents portrayed through the characters that have both a positive outcome and a negative outcome, no matter the type of situation. The majorities of the situations that are conveyed in this novel almost always have a negative outcome because of the way the effects damage and hurt the innocence of the other characters in the story. In this novel many of the negative outcomes are a consequence of a hideous monster, known as Frankenstein’s monster, which was created by the hands of Victor Frankenstein.
The first part of the novel brings us into the life of Victor Frankenstein, who was born to a rich Geneva family, with two other siblings Victor and Ernest. Further into the book we also come to know Elizabeth, who was adopted by Victor’s parents, when Victor was four. As the story goes on Victor soon falls in love with Elizabeth and his mother’s dying wish is that he marries her someday. Victor spends the first part of the novel presenting his childhood and later years, up until the time he was to leave for college. While attending the University of Ingolstadt, Victor begins to exceed extremely well at chemistry and many of the other science classes that he attends. While attending the college and taking all the science classes he learns how to put dead tissue back together and bring something back to life. This new found knowledge that Victor has, brings us to our first effect, because he has learned how to bring things back to life. He begins to formulate a plan to build a body by using dead tissue. When he begins to take action on his plan, and ...

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...he window and see his own creation killing his wife. As a result of all the deaths in Victor’s family, his father kills himself because he cannot stand all the grief that he has been struck with. His death is a result of the hideous monster that his own flesh and blood created, but he will never know that because Victor will not tell anyone.
The effects that were left as a result of Frankenstein’s monster were disastrous and harmful to anybody that he came in contact with and effected many lives. With Frankenstein’s creation lives were destroyed and ended by the hands of beast created by one single person. He killed many people because of the hatred that everyone had shown him when he came into contact with them. All the outcomes in this novel were negative because he never once had an effect that was either good or positive towards anyone throughout the novel.

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