The Effect Of Framing Weights On The People And Their Willingness On Exercise

The Effect Of Framing Weights On The People And Their Willingness On Exercise

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Peetz, Buehler, and Britten (Peetz) conducted two experiments to study the effect framing increment length had on the people and their willingness to exercise to determine if viewing exercise in shorter time increments would make exercising a set amount of time appear more manageable and make the participant more willing to commit to the regimen.
Peetz hypothesized that people would be willing to take up an exercise regimen if it were presented to them in smaller increments, as opposed to everything at once. Peetz’s hypothesis was broken up into two main parts; “H1: Framing exercise duration in terms of small daily units will increase people’s willingness to try the exercise compared to framing the same duration in terms of aggregated weekly or monthly amounts. H2: This effect of temporal framing will be mediated by the spontaneous retrieval of different types of comparison activities. Individuals will retrieve activities that are shorter and less intrusive when the target exercise is framed in terms of small daily amounts (rather than larger, aggregated amounts), and the kinds of activities they retrieve will predict their willingness to try the target exercise.” (Peetz, 2011, Pg. 120)
Peetz used multiple past experiments to help formulate the hypothesis and procedure of the experiment. According to Peetz, Allison’s Perceived barriers to physical activity among high school students (1999) was important in constructing the hypothesis, saying “time constraints were among the most frequently mentioned barriers to exercising…” (Pg. 120) In addition, Peetz also references Welch’s Is the perception of time pressure a barrier to healthy eating and physical activity among women? (2008), in which the study found that sevent...

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...ticipants had. Also, past experiences with other exercise programs may have affected the data by placing negative or positive bias on the program, e.i. participants may have tried something similar in the past, thus whether it worked or not, in their opinion, may change the data.
It would be interesting to see how age and gender would affect the data in each of the studies. In addition, it would also be interesting to see how different program lengths would affect the data. It may also be interesting to see how the time of the year would affect the data.
Finally, the answer to the question of whether viewing exercise in shorter time increments would make exercising a set amount of time appear more manageable and make the participant more willing to commit to the regimen is yes. The results support the question, thus the experiment followed the purpose of the study.

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