The Effect Of Exercise On Exercise Physiology Essay

The Effect Of Exercise On Exercise Physiology Essay

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My exposure to exercise physiology is far from conventional. Rather than engaging it as an academic hobbyist, I was drawn to it out of necessity and utility in the U.S. Army. Rather than following anachronistic military physical training, I took it upon myself to learn more about exercise science. What started as tool for my job soon turned into my passion. I understood how exercise physiology was more than a foray into the underpinnings of strength and conditioning, but something that had a meaningful purpose in a very tangible way. Long before I ever saw the research, I saw the practice. Implementing the principles established by the research piqued my passion to learn more and inspired me to conduct research of my own.
My first opportunity to conduct research was with Dr. Hsin-Yi Liu of North Carolina Central University, implementing a study from the ground up to analyze adaptations following physical fitness courses. To assess adaptations we measured the anthropometric, body composition, and body mass index adaptations, as well as physical fitness improvement before and after intervention. I was excited to endeavor in my first scholarly experience with quantitative research and body composition using an air displacement plethysmography system. Serving as a research assistant I was involved in every process from experimental design to data acquisition and analysis to presentation. This experience gave me a diverse set of skills that are highly transferable from one research project to another.
After working with Dr. Liu, I was ready for my next challenge. Nothing challenged me nearly as much as when I was awarded a summer internship position at the National Institutes of Health under Dr. Kong Chen. Working under Dr. Chen I was...

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...y of North Carolina - Greensboro is the perfect place to start my career. The novel instrumentation and measurement methods employed by the exercise sport science department compliment my own research interests. I can see that University of North Carolina - Greensboro is at the forefront of research in exercise physiology.

My previous experience shows my ability to conduct research and analyze problems critically, working with both sensitive instruments and human subjects. My military experience shows my ability to work as a team member, lead a team, and take initiative in the absence of direction. I hope my work at UNC-G will make exercise physiology research both tangible and meaningful in the practitioner’s setting. Just as much as I hope to grow as a budding exercise physiologist at UNC-G, I hope to make my contribution to its legacy as a pioneer of the field.

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