The Effect Of Evidence Based Practice On Social Work Essays

The Effect Of Evidence Based Practice On Social Work Essays

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Avby, Nilsen, and Dahlgren (2014), conducted a study that explores and describes the variation in how evidence-based practice (EBP) is characterized in social work in Sweden. The theory used in this study was the phenomenographic approach. The purpose of the study was to identify different understandings of the phenomenon in focus, to reveal various aspects of evidence-based practice in social work, rather than seeking to explain mechanics causing a certain understanding. The data was collected in 2011 from the fourteen semi-structured interviews obtained from 6 females and 8 males. The interviewees included politicians, managers, and exective staff in three social welfare offices in Sweden. The respondants were between thirty-five and sixty-one years of age. Study participants came from three Sweden municipality welfare offices of different sizes. One of the major cities had a population of 150, 000. The other two cities had populations of 42,000 and 25,000. They were also chosen because of their on-going participation in an research project targeting families in socially and economically vulnerable situations. Overall, the findings demonstrate that there is a broad rage of understanding of evidence-based practice in social work, suggesting that the concept has many facets. The main finding suggest that there are different ways to interpret evidence-based practice: fragemented, discursive, instrumental, multifaceted, and critical. Evidence-based practice is formed on a combination of three different knowledge sources: client’s values, preferences, experiences, professional experience, and knowledge derived from research.
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...wledge use and learning in the evolving evidence-based social work. In agreement with previous studies, the findings clearly underline the difficulty of accounting for evidence-based practice. The adherence to evidence-based practice has not yet been realized in social work. The results support these observations and maintain that evidence-based practice remains a vision rather than a reality. The need for empirical research in practical settings is needed to provide a better understanding of evidence-based practice as a working practice promoting the integration of different knowledge sources. Ultimately, the results provided a means of understanding evidence-based practice in social work. It also offered a way of making clinicians and decision makers in social work aware of different ways of understanding important elements of evidence-based practice.

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