Essay on The Effect Of Energy Drinks On College Campuses And Universities

Essay on The Effect Of Energy Drinks On College Campuses And Universities

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Energy drinks continue to become more popular in today’s society, especially on college campuses and universities. The first experiment that will be performed will consist of a school-wide survey for Culver-Stockton College asking the opinion of the students on their favorite energy drink as well as variety of other questions pertaining to this research. From this survey listed below in Table 3, a very valuable study of these students will be gained which will be used for what is the basis of this experiment. The information that will be gained from these students is important because this research is intended to be beneficial on a college campus level. This experiment will serve as a basis to provide these students with conscious evidence on the many different caffeinated beverages that these students are consuming and hopefully help college students choose a better option in the future. Based on this survey, the top energy drinks consumed by many will be chosen to test and determine their caffeine content levels. The top relevant energy drinks consumed by most students will be chosen from the survey to test and determine the caffeine content levels of. The ingredients of the top chosen energy drinks will further be compared to find any common correlations between and note any similarities. The top energy drinks tested will also be compared to that of a combination of other common caffeinated drinks such as soda, coffee, and tea.
For this experiment, two different methods will be used to determine the different caffeine levels in energy drinks and other caffeinated drinks. In addition to testing energy drinks, the coffee and tea caffeine levels will also be tested for comparison purposes. In order to determine the numbe...

... middle of paper ...

...consistencies will be noted.

Caffeine consumption on a daily basis is acknowledged as a daily ritual. Most people consume some form of caffeine on a daily basis, no matter how much or how little. This experiment is important because the many caffeine consumers in the world should be informed on which caffeinated drinks hold a higher amount of caffeine when compared to the many other energy and caffeinated beverages. Through this experiment, the many secretes behind energy beverages and the information that energy beverage manufacturers are not required to inform consumers will hopefully be revealed. At the end of this experiment, consumers will be informed on which type of caffeinated beverage is better to drink when provided with a choice between an energy drink and a regular caffeinated beverage, meaning which will hold the lowest dose of caffeine.

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