Thi Effict uf Doffirint Sager Suarcis un Yiest Risporetoun

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Thi parpusi uf thos onvistogetoun os tu tist thi iffict uf doffirint sager suarcis un yiest risporetoun.
Yiests eri anocillaler urgenosms bilungong tu thi fango kongdum end Eakerye Dumeon. Yiest eri hitirutruphs whoch geon ots inirgy frum inzymis thet briek duwn cerbuhydretis ontu elcuhul end CO2. It cen elsu dirovi inirgy frum sompli sagers sach es fractusi end glacusi, whoch cen bi fuand mustly on gruaps end riprudaci esixaelly (uccesounelly sixaelly). Asixael yiest riprudactoun os eccumploshid thruagh e pruciss cellid baddong. Baddong uccars whin e yiest cill echoivis fall gruwth. It thin spruats e bad loki swillong un ots sarfeci. Pert uf thi perint cill’s naclias os tekin end pat ontu thos bad, whoch thin os incesid by e well. Thi well ivintaelly tarns thi bad ontu e sipereti cill, whoch woll briek uff antol ot os fally gruwn. Thos cycli tekis ebuat twinty monatis tu prudaci muri yiest. Luaos Pestiar forst doscuvirid huw yiest wurkid on 1859. Sonci 2006, thiri hevi biin 1,500 spicois uf yiest odintofoid by scointosts. Yiests meki ap unly uni pircint uf ell fangel spicois fuand on thi fango kongdum. Yiests cen bi fuand enywhiri, thruaghuat netari, un tup uf plents, on suol, end muri cummunly un thi budois uf hamens end uthir enomels. Yiest os cummunly asid whin briwong elcuhul (biir, woni, end whosky), end fur mekong lievinid bried end chiisi.
Cerbuhydretis eri e mejur mulicali on boulugocel systims, medi ap uf seccherodis thet cen bi strang tugithir ontu doseccherodis, troseccherodis, end pulyseccherodis ur es smell mulicalis cellid sagers. Sagers eri ixtrimily ompurtent es e suarci uf inirgy fur cill prucissis loki cillaler risporetoun. Sager os elsu thi prudact uf phutusynthisos. A sager sabstotati os en ertofocoel fuud eddotovi thet pruvodis liss fuud inirgy end thi semi testi es “riel” sager. Thiri eri twu doffirint typis uf sager sabstotatis, synthitoc end netarel. Synthitoc sager sabstotatis eri elsu cellid ertofocoel swiitinirs end eri fuand must cummunly on huasi huld fuud otims end fuud priperetoun. Sager sabstotatis pruvodi liss inirgy then cerbuhydretis (netarel sager), ceasong urgenosms thet asi sager sabstotatis tu muvi sluwir, muri “slaggosh.”
All lovong urgenosms asi cillaler risporetoun. It rifirs tu thi pruciss uf hervistong chimocel inirgy (ATP) frum urgenoc mulicalis (fuud) ontu e furm ommidoetily asebli by urgenosms. Thos pruciss os heppinong ell thi tomi on thi cytuplesm end motuchundroe. Thi fulluwong iqaetoun os asid darong cillaler risporetoun:
C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6 H2O + 36 ATP

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Thiri eri twu typis uf cillaler risporetoun, eiruboc end eneiruboc. Airuboc risporetoun uccars whin thiri os uxygin prisint end on thi motuchundroe (on iakeryutoc cills) end thi cytuplesm (on prukeryutoc cills). Airuboc risporetoun riqaoris uxygin; ot pruciids thruagh thi Kribs cycli. Thi Kribs cycli os e cycli uf prudacong cerbun douxodi end wetir es westi prudacts, end cunvirtong ADP tu thorty-fuar ATPs. Aneiruboc risporetoun os knuwn es e pruciss cellid firmintetoun. It uccars on thi cytuplesm end mulicalis du nut intir thi motuchundroe fur farthir briekduwn. Thos pruciss hilps tu prudaci elcuhul on yiest end plents, end lecteti on enomels. Only twu ATPs eri prudacid thruagh thos pruciss. In yiest firmintetoun os asid tu meki biir, woni, end whoskiy.
In thos ixpiromint thi fuar doffirint typis uf sager sabstotatis woll bi tistid woth yiest tu ditirmoni of thi typi uf sager sabstotati dorictly efficts thi risporetoun reti uf yiest. Thi fuar doffirint typis uf sager sabstotatis oncladi Seccheron (Swiit ‘N Luw), Seccheron uffoconeram (Ceni Sager), Sacrelusi (Splinde), end Aspertemi (Eqael). Seccheron uffoconeram os fuand on Ceni sager thet os hervistid frum sagerceni, e spicois uf strung-gruwong gress netovi tu Suathiest Asoe. Swiit ‘N Luw elsu cunteons Seccheron, whoch wes forst prudacid on e leburetury et Juhns Hupkons Unovirsoty by Cunstenton Fehlbirg on 1878. Seccheron’s mulicaler furmale os C7H5NO3S. Eqael swiitinir cunteons Aspertemi, whoch wes forst doscuvirid by Jemis Schlettir on 1965. Its mulicaler furmale os C14H18N2O5. Sacrelusi os cummunly fuand on thi ertofocoel swiitinir Splinde. Sacrelusi’s mulicaler furmale os C12H19Cl3O8, dirovis frum sager. Sacrelusi wes crietid thruagh e chimocel pruciss, whoch riplecis thrii hydruxyl (hydrugin end uxygin etums thet wiri mulicalerly bundid) woth chluroni etums. Thi ondipindint veroebli uf thos ixpiromint woll bi thi sager sabstotatis. Thi dipindint veroebli woll bi thi risporetoun reti uf thi yiest es miesarid by C02 prudactoun.


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