The Effect Of Diets With Different Nutrition Levels On Oxygen Consumption Rate And Reproduction Of Artemia Franciscana

The Effect Of Diets With Different Nutrition Levels On Oxygen Consumption Rate And Reproduction Of Artemia Franciscana

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Effect of Diets with Different Nutrition Levels on Oxygen Consumption Rate and Reproduction of Artemia Franciscana
Throughout the history, people have often discussed the key elements that lead to the success of heterotrophic lives. One of the contributing factors, dietary intake, is regarded as the most essential among all. Although people recognize the importance of dietary intake, the effect of nutrition level of diet on various parameters of heterotrophs is poorly understood (Cruz-Rivera & Hay, 2000). Some of these biological attributes such as metabolism and fecundity allow organisms to achieve a higher Darwinian fitness, the likelihood of organisms to survive and reproduce (Sober, 2001). Thus, such an important relation between dietary intake and factors leading to success of species should be further investigated.
Artemia franciscana, also known as brine shrimp, may help us gain more understanding of how different nutritional levels in diet may affect the metabolism and fecundity in heterotrophs. Used as a food source in 85% of aquaculture, Artemia can be purchased in large quantity and are easily monitored, therefore it is often involved in experiments (Sorgeloos, 2001). By treating Artemia with different sources of diets, scientists found the growth rate and biomass production of each sample of Artemia to be distinctly different from each other, with the highest growth rate in the sample fed on soybean and wheat micropulverized meals (Manuel et al., 2000). According to the quantitative relation between metabolism and growth, organism’s growth rate and metabolic rate are strongly linked (Bertalanffy, 1957). This gives rise to the possibility that metabolism, one of the biological features of that promotes high...

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...chanisms to utilize obtained nutrition, many are also affected by diets of different nutrition levels. Thus, future experiments on other animals with similar protocols can be conducted; these experiments can be based on other measurable parameters such as the average lifespan of organisms.
Heterotroph’s dietary intake has a significant impact on its metabolism and fecundity. By conducting experiments, the probable link between nutritional levels of diets and heterotroph’s fecundity and metabolism has been established. According to the results of this experiment, Artemia has a significantly higher fecundity and O2 consumption rate compared to those treated with low nutrition. The findings of this research support the fact that with intake of higher nutrition, higher fecundity and metabolic rate are measured in Artemia compared to the sample treated with low nutrition.

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