The Effect Of Dexamethasone On Vascular Endothelial Growth Essay

The Effect Of Dexamethasone On Vascular Endothelial Growth Essay

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In the present study, we looked at the effect of dexamethasone on vascular endothelial growth factor production by macrophages within rat ovaries. Immunohistochemistry of ovarian tissue sections from rats revealed that the number of ovarian macrophages was similar between CTL and DEX-treated rats. Our result differs, from those of Keyes and coworkers [27], who observed a direct effect of corticosteroid on ovarian macrophages. In their study, Keys and coworkers found that a corticosteroid (methylprednisolone) reduced the number of T-lymphocytes and macrophages within rabbit ovaries. That being said, we cannot make a direct connection Keyes’s and the current study because the type and concentration of corticosteroid they use were different than what we used. In this study, we used .024mg/liter of dexamethasone in drinking water, whereas they used 2mg/kg/body-weight of methylprednisolone via intravenous injection twice a day. In addition, the course of treatment and the animal model they use was different as well; in Keyes’s study, the rabbits were treated with methylprednisolone for 10 days, whereas rats in this study were treated with dexamethasone for only 7 days. It is conceivable that difference in the type of corticosteroid, concentration of corticosteroid, course of treatment and the animal model may have contributed to the difference in corticosteroid effectiveness in Keyes’s vs. our study. As mentioned, we cannot make a direction connection between Keyes’s and the current study, however, we can ascertain the fact that corticosteroid, if given at higher concentration (than what was used in this study), has the potential to suppress the immune system at the level of ovaries.
The lack of immunosuppressive effect of dexamethas...

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... have any immunosuppressive effect on ovarian macrophages, and failed to influence VEGF expression. The lack of effect of DEX on ovarian macrophages and VEGF expression suggests that either DEX failed to exert an immunosuppressive effect, or the ovary is not sensitive to its actions. Regardless, due to the limited number of trials conducted, definitive conclusions regarding the effects of immunosuppression via dexamethasone on VEGF production by ovarian macrophages awaits additional study. In the future, additional trials and dual labeling experiments will be required to delineate whether or not macrophages are the source of VEGF expression in the rat ovary. The knowledge about the role of macrophage-produced VEGF in normal ovulation, and future such studies in dairy cows will provide information about potential ways to improve their fertility via improved ovulation.

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