The Effect Of Copper Metal On An Aqueous Nitric Acid Essay

The Effect Of Copper Metal On An Aqueous Nitric Acid Essay

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The reactions in the experiments where observed and then proven in the lab. The first reaction involved the combination of copper metal to an aqueous nitric acid. The nitric acid originated as a light blue color, then later changed to a turquoise after the addition of the copper. Then some of the solution turned into gas, which was observed by identifying a light brown gas trapped on the inside of the test tubes sidings. The oxygen combined with hydrogen to form water, while copper II nitrate and nitrogen dioxide.
In the second experiment, a solid metal copper was combined with silver nitrate. The reaction caused the copper to lose its metallic color and changed into a light brown and white color. The coloring indicated that the copper and silver were replaced by one another. The reaction also resulted in the silver nitrate becoming a blue liquid color, compared to its clear beginning status. It was proven that the copper dissolved into the silver nitrate to form copper nitrate. The silver was then precipitated into a metallic silver (1). This was a representation of a single replacement reaction because copper was exchanged for silver in silver nitrate to form copper nitrate.
The third experiment conducted dealt with the combination of the solid zinc and an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid. It was observed during the mixing of the two substances that the solution turned cloudy with black spots at the top. After the addition of the flame, smoke was produced at the mouth of the test tube and the solution was clear with black spots. It was concluded that zinc caused the hydrogen from the solution to become hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas combined with the energy from the flame caused it to quickly escape out of t...

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...The release of hydrogen before the flame could have resulted in there being on sound and then not being able to identify the hydrogen gas present.
The experiment observed the different chemical reactions and allowed for observations in chemical changes. The experiment explored the various types of reactions possible in a chemical reaction. On example would be combination, when two reactant were combined to form one product. Single replacement reaction was present in experiments one, two, and three and involved the switching of cations in a chemical reaction. Another reaction presented in the experiments was precipitation reactions. Precipitation reactions involve two aqueous solutions to form a solid. In all of the experiments, oxidation-reductions reactions are present. A redox reaction involves the loss and gain of electrons from one species to another.

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