Essay about The Effect Of Control Of Work On Germany

Essay about The Effect Of Control Of Work On Germany

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According to researches of control of work in Germany, work was strictly managed for 15.9% of full time workforces, and full time working men were more affected than women (European Foundation, 2007). In comparison to part time workforces, there was a lower percentage report that their work was strictly managed. However, in this circumstance, women in part time employment were more affected than men in part time employment. There are disadvantages by using the close supervision, including that it makes the workforces feel dependent on their managers for all guidelines which it makes the creative and innovative rate to become lower. Moreover, it also makes the employees distress. According to researches of level of stress, almost a third of full time employment reported that their work comprised a high level of stress which was 31.1% (European Foundation, 2007). More than half which was 51.2% says that their work partly applied stress and only 17.2% did not report that their work comprised a high level of stress (European Foundation, 2007).
According to researches of control of work in China, work was strictly managed for 62.9% of full time workforces (China Labour Watch, 2011). The reason for this violating working conditions action is that the owners merely look for profits and are willing to do everything possible to constrain labor costs. According to mechanistic structure of capitalism, tight control of work has been one of the key elements. There are other core elements including high horizontal and wide vertical differentiation, high formalization, centralization, standardization of rules and one way communication. In this circumstance, mangers have tendency to practice solid and directive actions to apply the tasks and act...

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...e in working conditions between the two tremendous economies. China showed a poor performance in designing and implementing working conditions with the high level of gender discrimination, overtime work, forced labor and occupational health and safety issue. In contrast, Germany showed a brighter scenario with lower level of gender discrimination, overtime work, forced labor and occupational health and safety issue. Moreover, the essay has also provided an analysis of the working conditions in Germany and China and they support the case for divergence in global working conditions as each national economy has its own labor markets, industrial relations system, economic system, legislative system, education and training system, relationships between organizations, perceptions of fairness and justice, as well as customs and traditions, standards and moral principles.

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