Effect Of Concussions On Football Essay

Effect Of Concussions On Football Essay

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Effects of Concussions in Football
In 2012, HeadCaseCompany.com reported nearly 3,800,000 sports related concussions occurred that year, nearly more than double than what was reported in 2002. From that report, about 47% of all concussions that year occurred during a high school football game. And according to new research from Boston University, 87 of 91 former NFL players who donated their brains to science after death had brain diseases linked to repetitive head trauma in football (CNN.com). Many neuropsychological problems occur after suffering a concussion. Problems such as personality changes, memory loss, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are effects of concussions.
A concussion by definition is a “traumatic brain injury (TBI) that alters the way your brain functions”. In football, this form of TBI is triggered by an extreme amount of force delivered to the head or neck area or by head-to-head contact resulting in the shaking of the brain which leads to a concussion. The effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, and balance and coordination. However, there are also several long-term effects such as personality changes and brain diseases stemming from prior concussions. These temporary and long-term effects can be very harmful to one’s health if not treated properly. Even though the treatment of concussions in football has improved over the past 25 years, the number of concussions in all levels of football have actually spiked. Between 2000-2010, the number of concussions in the NFL went up 168% (BleacherReport.com). Surprisingly, the NFL did not introduce a concussion protocol until the summer of 2013, following the 171 concussions during the 2012 season, sett...

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...re more susceptible to concussions, going as far to say that players are at “less of a risk” due to their years of playing at such a high level of athletic play. Yet, all these theories and refutations were thrown out the window in 2013 after researchers from Boston University found CTE in former NFL players and forever closed the case on concussions being a nonissue in football.
In conclusion, personality changes, memory loss, and CTE in football players are the direct result of repetitive head trauma or concussions. Not only are these effects caused by concussions, but in most case studies, it can be proven that players who never suffered head trauma, according to his own accounts, is more than likely to not have the same illnesses once retiring from football. Altogether, without concussions, none of these effects or illnesses would occur due to playing football.

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