The Effect Of Communication On The Workplace, Barriers, Communication, And Understanding And Using Effective Communication Skills

The Effect Of Communication On The Workplace, Barriers, Communication, And Understanding And Using Effective Communication Skills

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I graduated from butte college in 1997 with an AS degree in Licensed vocational nursing. I later decided to further my education in nursing and returned to college, I graduated with an AS degree in Registered nursing in 2002 from butte college. I am currently attending Pacific college to earn my BSN degree. Right after I obtained my LVN license I went to worked at Oroville hospital, I worked for Oroville hospital for one year, then I decided to make a change and I went to work for California Forensic Medical Group which is a subcontracted company for the Butte County jail and I have been there ever since. I am married and have 4 boys and 2 dogs. In my spare time I love to ride my Harley.
The topic I will be discussing is the importance of communication in the workplace, barriers of effective communication, and understanding and using effective communication skills
The importance of communication in the workplace
Communication is a vital part of maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. Safety is a big concern in a correction facility. How we choose to communicate with our colleagues, correctional officers and inmates will affect how well the organization functions, how satisfying our job experience is and how inmates understand their care and feel about how the medical staff treats them. Good communication skill are needed in a correctional facility because we communicate by radio. When you speak on the radio you need to communicate clearly, effectively, using short sentences and correct abbreviations for the certain codes. Effective communication helps us to understand and connect better with our coworker, and work effectively as a team. Effective communication can help prevent misunderstanding and conflicts. In corre...

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...relaxed, this makes you appear approachable and will increase the chance of people approaching you and talking to you.
Also pay attention to the people you are communicating with nonverbal clues, this can let you know if someone is paying attention, how they are feeling, not being truthful, or feeling uncomfortable.
• knowledge of the subject: when communicating with people you to need understand the subject and understand your audience. If you are knowledgeable about the subject and your audience, then you will be able to plan what you want to say, and be prepared to provide feedback to your audience

• Confidence: having confidence is very important when you are communicating with other. Confidence shows the person that you are communicating with that you know and understand what you are talking about, and it helps to build trust and respect in the workplace

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