The Effect Of Calorie Diet On Eating Large Amounts Of Food While Still Loosing Weight

The Effect Of Calorie Diet On Eating Large Amounts Of Food While Still Loosing Weight

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Kaleb Phillips
November 11th, 2014
NSCI 2114
Volumetric Diet
I got the volumetric diet; this diet focuses on eating large amounts of food while still loosing weight. The developer of this diet is Barbara Rolls who has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and has written over two hundred and fifty scientific articles and six different books (Dr. Barbara).
This diet helps people find healthier food choices that they can eat larger amounts of while still shedding weight. The focus on this diet is feeling full. Rolls stated “People feel full because of the types and amounts of food they eat, not because of the number of calories or grams of fat; protein or carbs.” (Volumetrics). Basically the diet wants you to eat more foods that make you feel full but have less calories. People may ask what does a person have to do on this diet? Well, you will work toward your weight goal by meeting the daily calorie goals and exercise requirements. This diet is broken down into four different categories. The first includes anytime fruits or non-starchy vegetables. Category two has reasonable portions of whole grains, lean proteins, low fat dairy, and legumes. Next in category three includes little portions of foods such as breads, desserts, cheese, and fat free baked goods. Finally in category four is tiny amounts of fried foods, cookies, nuts, candy, and fats. I do not believe this diet is expensive or that you have to buy special foods for it because you can get these items at any grocery store and they are usually reasonably priced and common foods. Throughout this diet you will eat three meals a day along with two snacks and dessert. Alcohol is allowed in this diet but only in moderation because alcohol is high in calories and does not satisfy hun...

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... In conclusion, I do believe that the Volumetric diet has scientific evidence to support its claims and that it really is a good diet for someone looking into weight loss for a long term period of time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat more and still shed a few pounds.

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