Effect Of Bystander Effect On Children Essay

Effect Of Bystander Effect On Children Essay

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Bystander effect refers to the instance in which there is an emergency and people witnessing don’t respond when there are others around witnessing the same event. This happens because of pluralistic ignorance which is when people assume that there is nothing wrong because others surrounding them don’t look concerned. Two researchers, Latan and Darley, conducted an experiment to further study the bystander effect. In this experiment, Latan and Darley took multiple college students and one at a time, put them into cubicles. In a cubicle next to them there would be a recording device producing noises emulating distress noises in the form of choking. Eighty five percent of the students went to help; this is not an alarming number. The surprising results came from the next group of students. In the next group, the students were made to believe there was a second person in the cubicles with them. In this group the number of students that went to help dropped to sixty five percent. They did a third group as well in which they told the students that there were four others. This groups percentage of people investigating dropped to thirty-one. This is very distressing and makes you wonder if someone would come to your rescue if you were in this position (Bystander Effect).
According to changingminds.org bystanders go through a five-step process in which they can decide to act or do nothing. The first step is to notice the event or, if they are in a hurry, not notice and ignore it. The second step is to realize the emergency or, in most cases, see that nobody is reacting and assume it is not an emergency. The third is to assume responsibility, meaning to help the person in distress. You could do that or assume that somebody else will which ...

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...ng the door when he saw her start to leave. The third woman told nobody but instead talked to the thief herself and got everything from her (Grandma Shoplifts from Jewelry Store).
What I saw in this show doesn’t back up the bystander effect but also does not disprove it. Every person that tried to stop the woman was the only one in the store and if they weren’t, there were only a couple others with them. This goes back to the aforementioned statistic that eighty five percent of people would do something if they are alone (Grandma Shoplifts from Jewelry Store).
The bystander effect is a very interesting topic with many different ways to view it. I believe that it would definitely be easier to ignore a situation if you were in a group of people but I don’t think it is right to just ignore someone in distress just because you don’t know what others are planning to do.

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