The Effect Of Blood Glucose Regulation On Human Body Essay

The Effect Of Blood Glucose Regulation On Human Body Essay

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When we eat carbohydrate rich meals our body digests it into glucose to use as energy. As a result blood glucose levels rise and sometimes they may rise over the normal range of blood glucose concentration. To bring it back within the healthy range the homeostatic system of blood glucose regulation is used. The beta cells, receptors, detect the high blood glucose level and alert the control centre, which are also the beta cells in the pancreas. The beta cells in the islets of Langerhans, which are located in the pancreas, release insulin into the bloodstream to counteract the increase in blood glucose levels. Insulin decreases the levels of blood glucose as it has an effect on numerous cells: fat cells, red blood cells and muscle cells. Glucose is absorbed by these cells from the bloodstream to supply themselves with energy. The liver is an organ accompanied by insulin and has an important job when dealing with glucose. When insulin is released the liver reacts as an effector by absorbing glucose and stores it into piles called glycogen. Glycogen is a molecule that also works as a se...

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