The Effect Of Beauty On Society

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Nowadays, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to advertisements. Since most of people are exposed to the advertisements, the advertisements and the values that they sell influence the society. In Jean Kilbourne’s essay, she asserts that “[a]dvertising sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and, perhaps most important, normalcy” (126). According to Kilbourne, the advertisers sell not only their products but also the values and one of the most popular values that the advertisers sell is beauty. In today’s society, the effects of beauty are outrageous as people’s attentions to the physical appearance increases. In the past, generally women considered beauty as important value, but now, beauty became one of the most important values of most people. It is because the values of people changed. Since many people judge others with their physical appearance, it not only affects the first impression of people but also affects their lives. The values of people changed by advertisements and beauty became one of the most important values in modern society. By analyzing the advertisement for Pedi from Clarisonic, I will show you how the ads leave imprint on people’s idea about beauty without they recognizing it. The advertisement for Pedi from Clarisonic is an advertisement about foot cleansing brush. The ad has white background and images of two feet which explain the effect of the product at the center of it. One of two feet looks smoother and cleaner than another and it says before and after under the images. It shows the audience that the product can change their skin just like the skin in the ad. Even though it might take a while, maybe few days, few weeks, or few months, the ad only shows audien... ... middle of paper ... ...sages, or even normalcy, the people and the society is influenced by the advertisements more than they expected to be. For instance, a lot of cosmetic advertisements around us show that how much people and society care about beauty. However, no one thinks that people’s attention to beauty and physical appearance is overwhelming. Moreover Kilbourne argues that “it has become crucial to create artificial needs in order to sell unnecessary products” (123). As the advertisements change people and society’s important values, it is easier for the advertisers to create advertisements to sell unessential products such as foot cleansing brush. People consider the transformation of their important values so naturally. However, since now, we all have to realize that we have to focus on more important values than values that the advertisers try to sell us to sell their products.
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