Essay on The Effect of Alcohol on Minors in our Society

Essay on The Effect of Alcohol on Minors in our Society

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Minors and Alcohol In this paper we will be discussing one of the very big and important problems that is “Minors and Alcohol”, and the effects of this on society and minors. In reality if we look at things this is the way we have begun to perceive things because a bigger and a better society needs people to be more open and they need to be more apt. They are the ones who have to look at the things and it is up to them to interpret the meanings of the things in the literal sense. If we start to believe that the people are going to dominate others and there are some who are very docile and innocuous and there are others who are good at governance and who are good at controlling things is that the good enough reason to allow them to do the things their way? In my opinion it should never be that way simply because those who have the power often exploit it and moreover what we should be ignoring is the fact that how do these people get their power and where do they derive it from? MIP is the biggest menace for any society and they not only harm the youth of the nation but also hamper the economic activity as well. It is probably the biggest social evil and one of the most significant victims of MIP and DWI in older days was the populace of Asian regions. In not the too distant past the same has been the fate of Americans, Europeans and many of the nations. The population has the inclination to fall for the alcohol and there are so many different types of alcohol that the minors and the people have been using over the years. Not surprisingly enough this is an evil that spans and engulfs many different age groups there are places in Far East and in Asia and many extensive plants in Latin and South America which are dedicated just to...

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..., the real cause of the deficiency is that heavy drinkers often neglect their diet, and this leads to vitamin deficiencies. But some of the most serious effects minor’s experiences on their body by excessive alcohol drinking is to his liver, this damage takes time but once it affects the liver there is no turning back. Public safety is something that is completely dependent on how well we are able to control the above-mentioned social evils because in front of them it becomes a secondary thing. Incarceration is not always the only solution that is available to the authorities because that may deter the world of organized crime but it does not strike at the very roots that it is founded on. That is the whole objective that we should avoid going soft on the world of crime at all costs if we want to have any chance of preserving the sanctity of the future generations.

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