The Effect of Age, Gender and Social Habits on Taste Absolute Threshold Essay

The Effect of Age, Gender and Social Habits on Taste Absolute Threshold Essay

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An individual’s taste sensitivity is influenced by many aspects such as gender, age and social habits like smoking. To investigate what could have an impact on an individual’s taste ability, psychology students conducted an experiment on 595 non diabetic participants. In the experiment, participants were asked to taste 8 different water-sugar solutions with different sugar strength, then were asked to state whether the solution had sugar in it or not. As hypothesised, female participants were more able to detect the sugar in the solution than male participants, also, non-smokers were able to get a higher hit rate than smokers. These findings suggest that the sense of taste is affected by each individual’s gender and whether he/she is a smoker. 
The Effect of Age, Gender and Social Habits on Taste Absolute Threshold

People vary in sensitivity to certain tastes depending on many aspects. The sense of taste is affected by different factors such as a person’s age, gender and social influence and habits (Weiten, 2010). The influence of ageing on taste perception has been investigated in a large number of studies; most of these studies have shown decreases in taste sensitivity with age (Murphy, 1979, 1986) (Rolls and Drewnowski, 1996). Furthermore, Social habits such as smoking have been known to decrease taste perception. According to research, smokers precept certain tastes differently than non smokers, the mean taste threshold for bitter was significantly higher in smokers than in non smokers. (L.H. Krut, M. B.m Ch.B., 1961). Looking at another factor, gender affects taste sensitivity, females have shown higher sensitivity to certain tastes than men (Weiten, 2010). Also, Cohen and Gitman (1959) found that men had a hi...

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