Essay on The Effect Of Acid Rain On The Environment

Essay on The Effect Of Acid Rain On The Environment

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Rain occurs nature as part of the water cycle, but sometimes rain can do more harm than good. Acid rain can causes damage to plants, animals, and even structures. Acid rain occurs naturally without human interference, but since humans started to make objects that contribute to the creation of acid rain, it happens more frequently than if humans would not be involved. People not only raised the amount of acid rain that falls, they can also be the ones to bring the amount back down to reasonable levels.
In order to help, people must first understand what acid rain is. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) help get information out to the public about events that causes damage to the environment, they do through their website, Acid rain occurs when water molecules in the clouds interact with nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide. This interaction makes the water molecules acidic.(“What is Acid Rain” 1) Acid rain is not the only acidic substance that falls to earth; acid rain belongs to a type of acid deposition. Acid deposition can come in different forms. The forms come in two different types: wet deposition and dry deposition. Wet deposition comes in the form of fog, snow, sleet, and of course rain. Dry deposition comes in dust, and gashes from.(1) All of the forms of acid deposition come about in the same way, particles interact with nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide which makes the particles acidic. Even places where the big contributors to acid rain do not exist may still experience the it. “Both wet and dry deposition can be carried by the wind, sometimes for very long distances.”(What is Acid Rain 1) The EPA put out several articles about acid rain on their student site, this site helps get the word out about what people d...

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...trogen oxide released in to the air. “Driving cars and trucks also produces large amounts of nitrogen oxides, which cause acid rain. To help cut down on air pollution from cars, you can carpool or take public transportation, such as buses and trains.”(What Can You do? 1) There are other simple ways to help; people help by turning off electronics when they are not in use, turn down the heat in the house when it does not need to be heated, and purchase energy efficient appliances.(1) Every little bit helps contribute to lowering the amount of acid rain that can hurt the environment, but in order to make a bigger impact on lowering acid rain numbers people need governments to step up.
Even though everyone can help in controlling acid rain, and its negative effects, it will take the governments of the world to take action against acid rain to greatly diminish its effect.

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