The Effect Of Academic Cheating On Ontario Colleges And Universities Essay

The Effect Of Academic Cheating On Ontario Colleges And Universities Essay

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Methods to Reduce Academic Cheating in Ontario Colleges and Universities
According to recent CBC news, a survey of Canadian universities and colleges showed that more than 7,000 students were disciplined due to academic cheating in year 2011 to 2012 and it was reported that there were more students who in fact cheated (Moore, 2014, paras 1-4). The statistics was gained by contacting and asking 54 universities to provide the amount of 2011-2012 academic misconduct cases in a formal discipline process (Moore, 2014, para 2). This statistics is on overall Canadian colleges and universities, but universities and colleges in Ontario must have contributed to this number as well.
It is not the first time for students from either Ontario or other provinces universities or colleges to cheat in a formal discipline process. We all know that academic integrity plays a vital role in undergraduate or graduate education, student career and social ethic etc. As a result, how to reduce academic cheating in Ontario Colleges and Universities is of great importance to be recognized. From researching of practical methods from other countries or places, it is believed that the academic cheating can be reduced by several types of approaches.
However, some people may hold the opinions like student’s cheating behaviours cannot be reduced, because it is related to ethical behaviours and it is always hard to identify and decrease actions between unethical and criminal.
It is well recognized that academic cheating is harmful to academic integrity, students, faculties and schools’ reputation and long term development. This article is intended to summarize the successful or possible methods which had been conducted by others so that academic cheating in On...

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...erson,2009, para 2). In spite of the function of reducing cheating, this system can also reduce the load of teachers’ work so that teachers have much time to work on reducing academic cheating and improving quality of teaching. In the long run, as the development of cheating methods, it is significant to use the modern technology like this system or monitors in classrooms to reduce cheating.
To sum up, avoiding and reducing academic cheating in Ontario colleges and universities are important to maintain academic integrity. To reduce as much academic cheating as possible, methods like showing teachers’ attitude at the start of courses, creating various assignments and tests, different skills in different stages of reducing academic cheating, peer confrontation and application of Student Response System can be taken in Ontario colleges and universities.

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