The Effect of A Recruitment Commercial of the US Marines Essay

The Effect of A Recruitment Commercial of the US Marines Essay

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I felt like I was being thrust into a Call of Duty video game marathon with my older brothers, my sense of danger, haste, and adrenaline started pumping. As spontaneously as it sounds, I suddenly had the urge to sign up for the United States Marine Corps after watching the commercial. The advertisement completely captivated me; the music alone propelled my lethargic body into a vigilant state. The images raised my adrenaline and the commercial persuaded me, although flaccid, to try the Marines Corps. The underlying themes of the advertisement synced my mind and emotions into desiring for the action packed life the marines pursue. The effectiveness of the commercial is the result of the interconnected ties it influences the mind and emotions of the individual as well as the desire for a thrilling experience.
This commercial can persuade any person to become a part of the United States Marine Corps by displaying examples of ordinary people who have become a part of such a precarious organization. In the television commercial, there was a bustling urban city and in the midst of the crowd of ordinary working civilians, there was a United States Marine ready for duty. Even in rural areas, where you might suspect someone to be an agriculture worker, they can actually be a United States Marine. This allows the average civilian watching the commercial to become engrossed in the fascination that they too have the ability and capacity to become a Marine. All Marines lead normal lives apart from the U.S. Marine Corps; they have all been average U.S. citizens at one point before choosing to change their lives to become Marines. The persuading message that the commercial is trying to distribute is: If the common citizen from your n...

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... gain the title of United States Marine, thus manipulating the male audience that the title of Marine is upon a very high pedestal. In some ways the commercial can then be misleading, due to it showing the alluring masculine side of being in the Marines, but like all advertisements who want to sell an image or affiliation, it does not show the negative connotations of being in the Marine Corps.
I believe this commercial was enticing as well as impactful for its designed audience. It used effective undertones and lacked the filler-filter effect that would’ve made it over generalized or clichéd. It delivered its message and pleads its case quite effectively. Although it manipulates its target audience’s emotions by appealing to their psychological gender roles, it is overall ethical and uses good rhetoric in conveying its organization’s purpose.

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