The Effect Of A Peer Mediated Positive Behavior Support Programs On Socially Appropriate Classroom Behavior

The Effect Of A Peer Mediated Positive Behavior Support Programs On Socially Appropriate Classroom Behavior

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In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting three researched based articles regrading positive Behavior Support (PBS). PBS is a method of inhibiting maladaptive behaviors by teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors (Lynnette, Young, & Marchant, 2004). This method is critical in helping students with behavior disorders be able to learn in a classroom environment. A student that have a behavior disorders can posiable be a major distraction in the classroom impeding their education and their classmates’ education. In fact, Research has found the number one concern of many teachers and administrators is aggressive behavior by students in the classroom (Lynnette, Young, & Marchant, 2004). These behaviors have made it difficult to provide a safe and secure environment for all students to learn. However, PBS has been found to help teachers that are properly trained to prevent maladaptive behaviors that is a distraction to the learning environment.
In the article “The Effects of a Peer-Mediated Positive Behavior Support Program on Socially Appropriate Classroom Behavior” the authors researched the effect of positive behavior support program of two male third graders. Both students were close to repeating the third grade and have serious behavior problem displayed in the classroom and at home. A PBS plan was created as an intervention to get these students back on track in the classroom. The goals were to prevent aggressive and distracting behaviors in the classroom that was impeding their education. The methods used in their PBS plan were self-monitoring, teacher and peer mediated support, and positive reinforcement (Lynnette, Young, & Marchant, 2004). The positive reinforcement used most often was praise for appr...

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...ppropriate Classroom Behavior” showed how having a PBS plan that use a variety of methods like peer and teacher support along with positive reinforcement can help student succeed. Therefore, I will be sure to implement a variety of methods when I use a PBS plan with my students. Furthermore reading “Identifying Barriers and Facilitators in Implementing Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support” help me realize the need for support and training to alleviate barriers that in implementing PBS school-wide. Lastly, “Using the Effective Behavior Supports Survey to Guide Development of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support “showed me that PBS can be effective in one area and not the other and awareness, training, and support can help prevent that from happening. All in all, I have learned when implemented correctly PBS method can be a great asset to educators and students alike.

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