The Effect Of A Patient Advisory Council ( Pac ) Has On Adult Inpatient Satisfaction

The Effect Of A Patient Advisory Council ( Pac ) Has On Adult Inpatient Satisfaction

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Illustration of the Impacts generated by a Patient Advisory Council
For decades, patient satisfaction has been considerably lower in the United States compared to other countries (Joachim, Blendon, Zaslavsky, & Campbell 2016). Patients and family members are increasing by asked to be more involved in the healthcare evolution. Today, patient satisfaction is a commonly used tool used to assess quality care. The aim of this research is to reveal the effects a Patient Advisory Council (PAC) has on adult inpatient satisfaction. A PAC would provide the opportunity for patients and family members to be involved in quality improvement. The PAC would prioritize patient-centered care by enabling patients and family members to participate in improving quality care. This unique collaboration will generate higher levels of patient satisfaction leading to higher levels of medical adherence. Research shows that PACs have been a leader in meaningful changes (Serapioni, Mauro, & Duxbury, 2014).
Summary of Purpose, Method, and Results
A study conducted by Skär and Söderberg (2012) aims to describe the male patient’s dissatisfaction with healthcare. Positive healthcare encounters are critical in facilitating patient involvement with their care and providing a higher level of patient satisfaction. This qualitative study was conducted in a northern Sweden county that contains five hospitals, and each county has it’s own Patient Advisory Council (PAC). The Patient Advisory Councils deals with dissatisfied patients or family members and acts on their behalf. In 2004 and 2005, the PAC received 585 complains. 108 of these complaints were due to dissatisfaction with their healthcare experience due to communication, and 40 of these 108 complains were from...

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... healthcare experience should be treated with respect and given adequate information at a basic knowledge level. These key interventions will increase patient satisfaction and increase quality of care.
Direct Council Observation
The study conducted by Serapioni and Duxbury (2014) is the only study the authors directly observed a PAC. The PAC was a mixed Italian council, which integrated different cultures, experiences, and healthcare professionals. The authors found that the PACs created a deliberative approach that allowed the patients and family members an opportunity to improve quality care. The PAC overcame direct-patient care with a more individualized patient-centered care model. Members of the PAC were able to positively impact quality care. The improvement in quality care towards a patient-centered care model directly increased patient satisfaction levels.

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